If your life has been a real struggle for some time and your have become overwhelmed with stress, and now have very little confidence that you can cope or see a way through, then your mental health has likely become problematic. If you are at this stage on the continuum, you are likely to be experiencing some, if not all of the following: 

Felling very anxious and have a low mood that you cant shake. Likely absenteeism from work or your roles. Likely sickness and physical pains. Isolation from others and very poor sleep. Likely weight loss or weight gain. Likely heavy drug and or alcohol use. 

At Gravy Banana our therapy programme for this stage is targeted at people who want to reduce their symptoms of mental illness that they may have had for some time and people who want their life to be different and want to make changes, even if they currently have no confidence that this can be done. 

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