In Crisis


Your mental health is considered to be in crisis when you are so overwhelmed with stress and you have absolutely no confidence that your life can be different or see a way through it. If you are on this stage of the continuum, you are likely experiencing some if not all of the following: 

Highly paranoid and intense feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Likely self-harm or aggressive behaviour. Likely suicidal ideation or intent. Frequent dissociation (losing chunks of time) and feelings of depersonalisation and derealisation (feeling outside of your own body and like things don't seem real). You might also likely be experiencing a loss of income or housing and struggling to get your basic needs met such as safety, shelter and food. You are likely to have little or no support and generally no trust in others. Sometimes altered perceptions of reality, hearing or seeing things that aren't there. 

At Gravy Banana, our therapy programme for this stage is targeted at people who want their life to be different. For people who want to make changes to their life, no matter how small or how little confidence they currently have. 

If you are particularly vulnerable, Gravy Banana offers FREE therapy designed for people who want the help but cannot afford it. There is a waiting list for this service but please contact us to find out if you are eligible. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gravy Banana is not a crisis service. This means if someone is in an ACUTE mental health crisis, that is, if they have plans to end their life and are worried that they might accidentally seriously harm themselves or others then we advise to make contact with community mental health crisis teams and will support you to access additional services in addition to working with us. 


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