If you consider yourself to generally be excelling in life at the moment then you are highly likely to have mental wellness and are coping very well with stress. Your life is also highly likely to have some, if not all of the following qualities:

You are generally cheerful and joyful, solution focussed with a clear vision of what you want and where you want to be which fits with a strong sense of purpose and legacy for your life. You generally trust people. You are energetic in life right now, creative and optimistic, looking forward to the future with excitement. You will likely have high job satisfaction and performance and experience high levels of power over your decisions. You are likely to be prioritising sleep and recovery and also your physical health. You are fully realising your potential, actively seeking connections and experiencing prolonged periods of "flow" - which is intense engagement. 

At Gravy Banana, our therapy programme for people at this stage is targeted at people who want to invest in maintaining their wellness and want to increase their confidence to realise even bigger goals for themselves. 

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