If you consider yourself to be thriving in life at the moment it is very likely that you have mental wellness and are coping well with stress. You will likely be experiencing some, if not all of the following: 

A stable mood which is generally positive and with some normal variations. You will be feeling generally calm or in control and you will generally have good levels of confidence. You will know what you want in life and will be functioning well or normally in your job / roles with high levels of motivation, sleeping well and eating reasonably healthily. You will be setting goals and achieving them. Looking after your physical health. You will likely have good quality interactions with people, normal levels of social activity and have good concentration experiencing frequent "flow" which is intense engagement.  

At Gravy Banana our therapy programme for this stage is targeted at people who want to invest in maintaining their wellness and increase their confidence to make changes in their life that might be holding them back from realising their full potential. 

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