If your life generally feels unsettled at the moment, then this is likely a sign that your stress levels are increasing and you are not completely mentally well right now. You are still very likely in this stage to feel generally confident that you can cope with the stress, particularly if you know it is not going to last for long or you can see a way through it.   

If you are in the "unsettled" stage on the continuum, you are likely to experience some if not all of the following:

Feeling worried and nervous or on edge. Getting easily irritated, feeling frustrated and doubting yourself. You are likely focusing on the needs of others at the expense of your own and feeling sad or gloomy. Often people in this stage will feel tired and have a high sugar diet or give in to regular sugar cravings in response to stress. You may also have noticed that you are generally distracted and have difficulty concentrating as well as decreased social activity or loss of interest in socialising. 

At Gravy Banana our therapy programme for this stage is targeted at people who want to improve their wellness and increase their confidence that they can cope with the stress in their life and who want to get themselves strongly into mental wellness. 

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