The Mental Health Continnum

If your life feels like a struggle at the moment, then it is likely that you are feeling stressed and are losing confidence that you can cope with the stress. You might be finding it hard to see a way through it. If you are in this stage at the moment, you are likely to be experiencing some if not all of the following: 

Feeling anxious or panicky, feeling depressed and sad. Experiencing low self-esteem and overthinking the negatives. You are likely to be feeling tired and have poor work performance. It is also likely that your concentration will be poor and you are easily distracted. Sometimes you might feel numb or have little pleasure or interest in activities. Your sleep is very likely to be of poor quality or broken. Likely increased drug and or alcohol use. 

At Gravy Banana our therapy programme for this stage is targeted at people who want to reduce their symptoms of mental illness and increase their confidence that they can cope with the stress in their life. It is also targeted to people who want to become mentally well, even if they cannot yet visualise how to do it. 

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