Wellness Programme


What is it?

The Wellness Programme at Gravy Banana is a structured programme of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy that focuses on maintaining your wellness in life and helps you to manage stress so that you don't become overwhelmed and end up with problems.

This programme also has a lovely benefit of gently improving your confidence to try out new things that you have always wanted to do but have until now, put off.  When you go through this programme you will develop a wonderfully strong and immovable feeling of confidence that you can cope with your life and what it might have in store for you, as well as improved confidence and creativity to dare to dream those wonderful goals that you want to achieve in your life, filling your life with a unique sense of purpose, engagement and flow. 


Who is it suitable for?

The Wellness Programme is designed for people who think that their mental health is currently good and they want to invest in maintaining this.  It is for people who are likely to be in the "Unsettled, Thriving or Excelling" stages on the Mental Health Continuum. To understand more about where you might be on the continuum, you can visit the what is mental health section of the website. 


How long does it last and how much is it?

Unlike our treatment programme where the focus is on reducing symptoms of a mental health problem, the Wellness Programme is less intensive and can be used more flexibly either on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your goals.

If you are feeling a bit unsettled in life at the moment, you may require between 6-8 sessions to bring your mental health completely into "wellness" starting with weekly appointments and slowly reducing the frequency. If you are confident that you are mentally well and want to use the sessions as part of your lifestyle to maintain this, you might likely be advised to have several weekly sessions to start and then reducing the frequency. We will guide and advise you regarding the frequency and number of sessions based on what you tell us you are wanting to achieve when you have your free initial consultation. 

Sessions are cheaper if they are bought upfront in bulk but we do also offer payment plans for a 10% charge if you want to spread the cost to fit with your monthly budget.  A one hour sessions paid individually is £75, if buying a block of 6 sessions this is £420. Our most popular is a block of 10 therapy sessions which costs £650. 


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