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In this section read about our therapy and why it is the most MODERN, EFFECTIVE, ENJOYABLE and TAILORED form of psychotherapy available today. 

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About our therapy

At Gravy Banana we deliver high-quality Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy. This is a relatively new form of therapy and is based on the most up to date neuropsychological understanding of how the brain works.


Therapy Programmes

We have THREE types of Therapy Programmes at Gravy Banana.

Which one is for you...

If you think your mental health is poor at the moment or you might have symptoms of a mental health problem then our TREATMENT programme is for you. 
If you think your mental health is generally pretty good and you would like to maintain this then our WELLNESS programme is for you. 
If you have a specific event coming up that you want to be your absolute best for such as an exam, a sports competition or public speaking event for example, then our mental PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT programme is for you.


Therapy Costs

Initial Consultation - FREE

Pay As You Go - £75 per session

Block of 6 sessions - £420

Block of 10 sessions - £650

For a 10% charge we offer payment plans so that you can spread the therapy to suit your monthly budget. 

*Most clients usually need somewhere between 8-12 sessions.


Tel: 01384 442064

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