Treatment Programme


What is it?

The Treatment Programme at Gravy Banana is a structured programme of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy that focuses on symptoms. It is suitable for achieving any of the following aims: 

REDUCE symptoms of Common Mental Health illness/s 

- MANAGE symptoms of more Severe, Complex and Enduring Mental Health Disorder/s

- MANAGE symptoms of long-term physical, developmental or neurological conditions or illnesses.

You can read more about the wide range of conditions we provide professional support for in our CONDITIONS section.


Who is it suitable for?

The treatment programme has been designed for anyone who thinks their mental health is not great, maybe you would say it is poor or problematic and you think you may have symptoms of a mental health problem that you would like help with.


You do not need a diagnosis to access the treatment programme. If you think you have a problem, we can help you. If you are unsure, please contact us for free to talk through what you are experiencing. 


This programme is for people who think they may be in either the "Struggling, Problematic or Crisis" stage on the mental health continuum. To understand more about where you are currently on the continuum please read our "what is mental health?" section. 


How long does it last and how much is it?

Usually clients need between 8-12 sessions of therapy to achieve the aim of the treatment programme, that is, to see a significant reduction in symptoms and experience mental wellness. In some cases where symptoms are particularly severe and debilitating and have been present for a long time, up to 16 sessions may be required. 

The initial consultation lasts up to 1 hour and is free.

Individual sessions are £75. If you buy a block of therapy sessions, the cost per session is cheaper. A block of 6 sessions is £420 and a block of 10 sessions is £650. For a 10% charge we offer payment plans so that you can spread the cost to suit your monthly budget. 


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